About MFT

About me
Hey there! I am Shrakz, a death knight recently transferred to the server Llane-US in the raiding guild <Monolith>. I started playing WoW during late Burning Crusade, but only started raiding at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King. Before joining <Monolith>, I spent almost two years in the Quebec raiding guild <Legends> on Undermine-US before it disbanded. Outside of WoW, I am a 28-year-old guy from Montreal, Canada. I am currently working as a researcher in Chemistry. My hobbies outside of gaming range from playing/writing music to traveling and cooking.

Goals for My Friend Timmy
Since I started playing a death knight during Ulduar progression, I never looked back. I have been keeping up to date with the latest theorycrafting even during my brief pause from the game, and I always enjoyed having a good discussion about the various specs with fellow death knights. Even though I plan on having brief guides up on this blog for the three specs, my goal is not to provide detailed and complete guides since, Titus Pullo, Gravity and Heartless and are already doing a great job at keeping the community informed. Instead, what you can expect is mainly a series of discussions and thoughts about raiding as a death knight, as we start getting into this final tier of Cataclysm and working on the heroic modes in Dragon Soul. In short, I will just be sharing my humble point of view on various aspects of the class, for whoever wants to take the time to read!

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