Trinket Comparison for Unholy in 4.3

There always seems to be some sort of confusion among raiders on how to choose a trinket based on the choices available. Trinkets are often itemized with a huge chunk of a particular stat that’s provided in the form of a proc that doesn’t have 100% up-time. They can also give some kind of bonus damaging attack that’s often hard to compare to regular stats. How can these items be compared? Well, although it requires a little bit more math than your regular armor or weapon slots, it is still straightforward and can easily be done in an excel spreadsheet.

The first thing to do when one wants to rank items for his/her particular spec, is to understand how are the different stats comparing to each other. For Death Knights, SimulationCraft is, in my opinion, a decent tool for that. After importing my own character into this simulator, it is possible to obtain the average DPS expected on a Patchwerk-type fight, and most importantly, the stat weights. For my character, with the gear I had at the time of writing this post (Mix of Heroic Firelands gear and some ilvl 397 items), the results are as follow:

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